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Galesburg Guns for Google

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Galesburg has joined the list of communities gunning to be a test site for Google’s planned ultra-high speed broadband network.  The editors at the Register-Mail are supportive, ranging in their level of enthusiasm from “why not?” to gushing for Google.  Of course our neighbors in my hometown of Peoria are also in the fray, breaking out the trusty “will it play in Peoria?” meme to full effect.  (Heh – I’m sure the use of that well-worn phrase elicited a groan from Billy Dennis, my former Blogfather at Peoria Pundit).  WQAD reports that Davenport, IA is also throwing its hat into the competition, but apparently doesn’t yet have a website, Twitter account or Facebook page dedicated to the effort.

Will Google come to Forgottonia?  I won’t hold my breath, but it certainly would be a great boon for the region.  Count me in as a Google in Galesburg supporter, but I’ll be cheering on Peoria’s effort, too.


Written by Matthew

March 15, 2010 at 12:44 am

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