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A New Christian School for Roseville? Horrible Idea.

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If some Roseville residents want to contribute to the degradation of public education in Warren County and spit in the faces of their fellow villagers who can’t afford a private education for their children … by all means, start a new private Christian school.  However, in doing so they should know & accept that they’re part of the problem, not the solution.

I’m sure this movement to open a Christian school spawns from anger over the impending closure of Roseville Elementary School and not a fervent desire for religious education.  I understand that anger, but the M-R 238 administration & school board had to deal with the cold hard facts and do what’s best for the greatest number of students.  The two deficit-reduction scenarios that had R.E.S. staying open would have resulted in 250-350 more Monmouth students being bussed to Roseville than vice versa.  The accepted scenario results in 17 more Roseville kids bussed to Monmouth than vice versa.  Given those numbers, if someone can explain how keeping R.E.S. open would be fair, I’ll buy the Brooklyn Bridge from them.

Good lord, people … there are 14 miles between Monmouth & Roseville.  Some folks act like their kids are being forced on a bus to Neptune!  I think we all need to start putting the needs of the children first rather than stupid old rivalries that belong in the dustbin of history.  There are far more “have nots” than “haves” around here, so starting yet another private school in Warren County harms more children than it helps.  Decreased enrollment = decreased funding = increased problems.  People in Roseville should think about that before they let misplaced anger get the best of them.

Written by Matthew

March 26, 2010 at 1:55 am

More Public School Pain

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The M-R 238 school board met last night and approved 88 layoffs, including 15 full-time teachers, 9 assistant coaches, & 1 principal.

Residents in Roseville met yesterday to discuss opening a private Christian school there.

And finally, the State House passed a measure that would allow districts to change to a four-day school week.


When are Americans, the politicians and those who elect them, going to wake up & realize that education needs to be a top priority in this country?

Written by Matthew

March 24, 2010 at 10:33 am

Galesburg Guns for Google

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Galesburg has joined the list of communities gunning to be a test site for Google’s planned ultra-high speed broadband network.  The editors at the Register-Mail are supportive, ranging in their level of enthusiasm from “why not?” to gushing for Google.  Of course our neighbors in my hometown of Peoria are also in the fray, breaking out the trusty “will it play in Peoria?” meme to full effect.  (Heh – I’m sure the use of that well-worn phrase elicited a groan from Billy Dennis, my former Blogfather at Peoria Pundit).  WQAD reports that Davenport, IA is also throwing its hat into the competition, but apparently doesn’t yet have a website, Twitter account or Facebook page dedicated to the effort.

Will Google come to Forgottonia?  I won’t hold my breath, but it certainly would be a great boon for the region.  Count me in as a Google in Galesburg supporter, but I’ll be cheering on Peoria’s effort, too.

Written by Matthew

March 15, 2010 at 12:44 am

Painful Week for Warren County

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Willits Primary and Roseville Elementary will close for the 2010-2011 school year.  Many programs, including the enrichment program that my daughters participate in, will be cut.  The United CUSD #304 also had to make some painful financial decisions recently.

The decision to close two schools was a painful one for everyone involved, and I know that Roseville residents are particularly angered by the closure of R.E.S.  The anger over these school closings & program cuts should not be directed at Superintendent Paul Woehlke or the M-R CUSD #238 school board.  I think they made the best play that they could with the cards they were dealt.  If folks want to be angry, be angry at the politicians in Springfield that couldn’t pay the state’s bills even before the current economic crisis struck.  Be angry at the Wall Street investment bankers and their wildly speculative financial schemes that precipitated the financial meltdown in 2008.  There lies the root cause of these school closings.

Woehlke Recommends Closing Willits & Roseville Elementary

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Superintendent Paul Woehlke recommended that CUSD 238 close Willits & Roseville Elementary to make up for significant budget shortfalls in the district.  The creation of a county-wide school district may not be far off, especially with huge cuts looming in the state budget.  The CUSD 238 school board votes on the issue Tuesday, March 9.

Written by Matthew

March 6, 2010 at 2:47 am